Beyond Electronic Archive: A New Webinar

April 19, 2013

  • Wingspan eTMF

Most eTMFs are archive systems that collect TMF documents for organization and storage – merely an electronic version of the traditional paper files. Sponsors & CROs alike often struggle to demonstrate ROI and true business value after implementing these systems.

Wingspan’s eTMF is different. Designed from the ground up to allow both sponsors & CROs to collaborate on trials, our eTMF provides insight into the completeness, timeliness and quality of documentation for each trial. Key features of the Wingspan eTMF include:

  • Unique wizards allow the specific content of each trial to be planned in advance and adjusted based on ongoing events. As a result, TMF managers know not only which documents have been received – but also which documents are missing.
  • Flexible integration with a wide variety of CTMS systems that ensure that the eTMF remains synchronized with ongoing updates as sites are added, investigators are added, and milestone dates shift. Using this information, Wingspan eTMF reports on when documents are coming due & when milestones are in danger of slipping.
  • Robust, metrics-oriented QC processes. Information gathered during QC allows quality defects to be identified, trends established, and improvement efforts focused towards solving the actual problems.

During this webinar, Wingspan’s industry experts will discuss eTMF best practices and demonstrate the Wingspan eTMF, including the insightful reports & metrics that allow you to proactively manage and improve your eTMF processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how key metrics designed into an eTMF provide insight into the quality of the processes and records managed in the eTMF
  • Gain insight into how the presentation of reports & metrics can drive desired behavior & support sound decision-making related to the TMF
  • Learn how a well-structured eTMF ensures readiness for an audit & understand what health authorities are looking for in recent audits

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