DIA Framework for the Destruction of Paper Initiative Is Being Revised!

April 5, 2018

  • eTMF Guidelines

It’s nearly 6 years ago that the Framework for the Destruction of Paper was published. So the question is “has anything changed”? It’s time to find out.

Since the 2012 results were published, many R&D companies have adopted or advanced use of their eTMF or Content Management solutions; an essential when considering destroying TMF and non TMF documents. They have used the framework to help define their policies and SOPs for both document scanning and destruction. However, guidance has on the topic has evolved and new information released so it’s now time to review, assess, and update the current recommendations.

This year, volunteers from the DIA Document & Records Management Community (including me!) are once again coming together as a project team to update the Framework to include the latest regulatory guidance from all regions, and other required updates. We also aim to formulate clear recommendations and provide a toolkit for its implementation.

To kick the new project off, we would like to understand where the original Framework has been a success, and where changes could be made to make it more useful. A survey (link below) has been created to collect information on how the industry has to date utilised the Framework.  Results will be analysed and considered within the Framework’s 5 areas of focus, namely Technology, Quality, Records Management, Regulatory and Legal. Project teams are organized by focus and will review each parameter in the Framework along with the information gleaned from the survey. Our assignments? To review, revise, update, the existing Framework parameters to the current best practices and published laws, guidance and regulations.

It not going to be easy. But with 70 global industry professionals signed up to volunteer their time and efforts the project is sure to be a success.  The project has regularly planned working meetings within each focus group and monthly all team update meetings. We have a timeline of around 7 months to complete the project, so it’s certainly going to be interesting!

Take the survey by connecting to the hyperlink here (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HSZW6SL) and continue to watch this space for more information on the progress of the Framework’s update.

Gillian Gittens

Customer Success Manager, Content Management