eTMF High Availability

April 16, 2014

  • Wingspan eTMF

As part of the Wingspan Operations team, my job is to ensure the eTMF is continuously accessible for our clients.  This has been a priority since the start of Wingspan eTMF.  We wanted a solution that was secure, scalable, and stable.

The eTMF excels at securing and storing client data.  When architecting our solution, we built multiple servers to distribute traffic.  This “server farm” configuration is managed by a cluster of load balancers.  Servers communicate with each other in real-time.  In fact, one of these machines may crash with no noticeable user experience or loss of data!

Thanks to our automation technologies and configuration management practices, scaling our architecture is fast and easy.  With the click of a few buttons a new server can be spun up and provisioned using our quality controlled configuration.  The servers are added to the farm and ready to use within minutes.  Whether you employ 50 or 50,000 users, we can scale to meet your needs.

Our objective is to provide our users with 99.99% uptime.  This is only 4.32 minutes of downtime a month.  In order to meet this demand, we utilize cutting-edge monitoring tools to proactively analyze eTMF availability metrics.  Issues are identified before they become fires, which mean less emergency calls…and restful sleep for me!

The operations team is committed to providing a highly available eTMF.  We also take industry-leading measures to protect and backup your data, which I will cover in future blog posts.