eTMF Service Monitoring

June 23, 2014

  • eTMF Resources

Wingspan uses a suite of monitoring utilities to track the real-time status of Wingspan eTMF. Our approach provides immediate insight into the health of the service and detailed information and alerting to allow us to respond to potential incidents and implement proactive strategies to mitigate risk.

Identify the pain points

The Operations team has built triggers to alert us when unexpected or malicious behavior occurs within the eTMF. Every virtual and physical machine is monitored to make sure it’s healthy and performing as expected. We triage e-mail, text, and phone notifications based on severity and client impact. In cases when critical thresholds are approached, one of us is getting a phone call.

Communicate the problem

Errors are categorized into event types; when a new problem occurs it is assessed and labeled. The Customer Success, Quality Assurance (QA), Operations and Development teams trace and replicate the problem to identify its root cause. Business Analysts ensure the bug fix is a requirement for future releases. Having these roles well defined allow us to spend time addressing and documenting the issue instead of getting people up to speed. Our clients feel confident their issues are captured and addressed.

Plan for the future

Our goal is to identify and fix potential problems before they arise. One tool in our arsenal is an eTMF dashboard which we use to visualize data and analyze trends. We can ask questions like, “What time of day are most users active in the system?”, “What are the slowest loading components of our site?”, “What was the average document size upload for this tenant?” Metrics are available to our Customer Success team, who ensure each client remains effective in their use of the system and continues to head in the right direction.

We constantly review and improve our monitoring practices. As we scale with tons of new functionality and data, the Operations team tries to stay two or three steps ahead of the game.