New Resource Available: eTMF RFP/RFI Template

October 9, 2014

  • eTMF Resources

Wingspan Technology is providing an RFP/RFI template as an aid to organizations considering the selection of an electronic Trial Master File (eTMF). We have created the template to provide suggestions for common requirements based on working with sponsors and CROs of all sizes, as well as requirements we have seen in responding to many RPFs and RFIs. We also included other information that we think is important in choosing a partner.

We do not recommend using the RFI/RFP out of the box, but instead suggest that you use it in conjunction with other sources of requirements available to you. The most important of these is the voice of your own users. This template may contain requirements that are not important to you, areas that ask for more detail than is needed for your purposes, or requirements that are inconsistent with your own current or planned business processes. Your users may also have other requirements that are not provided here.

We hope that you find the template to be a time-saver and a useful source of ideas for what requirements are important in your organization. Click here to RFP/RFI template.