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Wingspan SiteZONE

Promote collaboration among sponsors, sites, and CROs

Make it easier for sites to receive and submit content and sign documents. SiteZONE is an easy-to-use portal for requesting and collecting documents from and distributing documents to your sites.

Stay connected globally across all your sites

Fact: Site-level documents account for over 80% of the average TMF.

Automate delivery of documents to your sites

SiteZONE automatically delivers the documents needed for filing in the Investigator Site File as soon as they are final - without the need to manually create packages or push documents to the site.

Request and collect documents from your sites

As documents are nearing their due date, SiteZONE automatically requests them from the site. Site users update in one click, without the need to provide metadata - SiteZONE already knows where to file documents in eTMF without additional site input.

Eliminate hard copy collection and storage

SiteZONE automatically requests electronic signatures from site personnel wherever required, eliminating the need to collect wet ink signed paper copies. SiteZONE can even collect and report on acknowledgements for documents such as safety reports.

Reduce CRA burden

Many CRA tasks are reduced or eliminated - CRAs no longer have to request documents, handle documents returned in email, or maintain Excel trackers. CRAs no longer have to reconcile site documents, since the site and sponsor/CRO are using the same documents by definition. CRAs can see site completeness, quality, and timeliness of submissions with one click.

Utilize advanced and intuitive user interface

SiteZONE provides users with a simple, intuitive web interface offering role-based dashboards and instinctual navigation features to minimize training, maximize efficiency, and improve end-to-end productivity.

User Homepage

Users accessing SiteZONE for the first time will be prompted to watch a five-minute training video, with training tracked in the system. Users will then have access to their home pages, providing a list of their sites – which can be across multiple sponsors or investigational products.

Study Information Page

This provides CRA contact information, site milestones, a list of site personnel, and allows sites to compare their performance on KPIs.

Document Library

SiteZONE provides a library of essential documents where qualified users can download copies of individual documents or download all documents to support their ISF.

SiteZONE makes it easy

Many organizations hesitate to introduce site portals due to concern about the burden on their IT staff. SiteZONE manages user accounts and invitations, integrates with your CTMS to set up new sites and users, and allows the CRA or other authorized users to control SiteZONE access.

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  • Decrease administrative burden

    SiteZONE portals can be spun up instantly just by enabling SiteZONE for any desired site. You can use SiteZONE for all your sites, sites within a given country, or only selected sites. Once the portal is initiated, all relevant documentation will be delivered automatically - even if the trial has already been underway for some time.

  • Efficiently manage users

    SiteZONE users can be automatically created based on information from CTMS or manually created by the CRA or other authorized personnel. Once you invite your site users to participate, SiteZONE creates their user accounts, manages their password requests, and manages their training.

  • Empower the CRA

    The CRA is the site expert on activities at the site. With SiteZONE, the CRA can easily monitor the progress of individual sites, identify site personnel, provide study access by role, review site activities and status, and deactivate users without IT support.

Transform the way you manage content

Maximize your efficiency. Enhance process workflows. Ensure inspection-ready compliance. Request a live demonstration today.

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