RFP Jumpstart Package

May 17, 2016

  • eTMF Resources

Wingspan Technology is pleased to offer an update to our popular RFP/RFP template.  This time we’re offering an entire package to help you with the challenging process of choosing the right eTMF solution.

First, we’ve updated the RFI/RFP Template that we have provided in the past, based on some important feedback we’ve received.  Unfortunately, that feedback often involved organizations who received misleading responses to the template in the past.  We have updated the template to increase transparency and ensure that responses represent the functionality that an organization can actually expect to receive.

  • The template has been updated to emphasize that any requirements that a vendor marks as satisfied must be able to be demonstrated in a live demo of the system. Specifically, we recommend the following language: “Any feature identified as Out of the Box or Configurable, you must be able to demonstrate the feature.  Inability to demonstrate will be interpreted as a failure to answer the request completely or honestly.  Please take this that into account in providing your response, and provide supporting notes where clarifications are needed.”  This is in response to hearing that organizations received responses where functionality that was planned, but not yet available, was identified as “out of the box”.
  • We added several question requesting the names of the specific vendor personnel who certifies that the response is complete and accurate, and the name of the person who certifies that all functionality described as out of the box can be demonstrated.
  • For many questions, we have added requirements for description of how functionality works, so that the tenderer can actually understand the steps involved. [For example, we heard an instance of a response answer of yes to a question about TMF export, only to find out that the export was available – one document at a time!]
  • Finally, we added some additional questions based on RFPs and RFIs we’ve received in the last year.

We’ve also added two new resources:

eTMF Vendor Request for Quote: This spreadsheet provides a framework for requesting cost information from vendors.  The focus is on ensuring that the vendor provides clarity on what is and is not covered in the quote.  It also provides a location for the tenderer to provide the typical information that affects the quote, so that multiple back-and forth emails are not needed to provide all of the vendors with the information they need to provide a cost estimate.

eTMF Vendor Presentation and Demonstration Scenarios: This document provides organizations with a framework for a capabilities or bid defense presentation, and a set of demo scenarios that cover important eTMF functionality.  It will help less experienced organizations to focus on what is important for eTMF.  Otherwise, these organizations often fall back on asking for generic EDMS functionality (check-in/check-out, review and approval) rather than focusing on eTMF planning, reporting, and document quality.  It also avoids allowing vendors to set their own demo scripts, where they will of course focus on their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

We continue to emphasize that these materials should be reviewed and updated by an organization’s users to focus on what is important in that organization.

We look forward to your feedback!