What you missed at the 2016 TMF Summit

February 15, 2016

  • eTMF Events

Last month, Wingspan attended the 5th Annual ExL TMF Summit in Arlington, Virginia. Over 200 industry members met for three days of workshops, presentations, and networking. Attendees included small and large CROs, sponsors, and TMF vendors.

The first day of workshops focused on creating a consistent approach to the TMF and ensuring that the process is followed by sponsors, sites, and CROs. Juggling thousands or even millions of documents throughout the world is no minor task. By creating a comprehensive TMF plan at the beginning of a study, organizations can ensure that all stakeholders are educated on the appropriate process and properly equipped to follow appropriate procedures.

The last two days of the conference followed a more traditional presentation format. Speakers presented on various eTMF topics including achieving continuous inspection readiness, QC strategy, and oversight of a CRO-managed TMF. Sponsors shared their experiences selecting and implementing eTMF, regulatory inspections, and working with CROs.

Wingspan VP of Product Development, Kathie Clark, gave a presentation on developing a business case for eTMF. She walked attendees through the process of creating a compelling case for eTMF implantation within their organization.

If you missed the conference, you have a second chance to catch Kathie’s presentation during a live webinar this Wednesday. Register here for “Make the Case for eTMF.”

We hope to see you at next year’s TMF Summit!